Video Camera

Video Production

Metazu is a multi-metaverse technology company that provides  video production and tutorials with a specialty in medical video guides for doctors and patients, enhancing businesses with state of the art technology and equipment to bring ideas to life. 


Marketing & Social Media

Metazu has an inspirational drive to bring the passion of our clients industry to life. Metazu has a highly driven team of forward thinkers. We want to become a standard in the industry to accelerate the 21st century into a modern marketing campaign for all the metaverse marketing. 

Website Design

Web Design

Metazu is a company founded in bringing customer services to full scale. With diverse experience we can build a website from the ground up by designing , implementing and creating content to give users the experience of the services provided. Our core values are rooted in bringing the magic of the user experience to life.



Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) have been the futuristic change on the forefront for developers, gamers are cashing in this real-life platform that changes the way clients view services. Companies like Metazu are making major investments in AR and VR training for product design.